Who is Behind the Exodus Project?

Ayin Es is a self-taught artist, writer, and musician from Los Angeles. They are known to create art with personal narratives that use their past experiences as the fuel for subject matter. Their hope is to transform a broken history into a positive and spiritual resolve and connect to their viewers. Es is represented by Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, and more info can be found at esart.com.

The Exodus Project began as an idea in Joshua Tree, California as far back as 2012, but didn’t officially begin untill 2014. In order to create the project (from idea to reality), friends, artists, and curators graciously contributed and collaborated along the way.

Jonathan Nesmith is the co-creator of Up to Now. Jonathan is an experienced Master musician, film maker, producer, animation specialist, and video director. He has worked on Grammy-award winning films such as Elephant Parts, among other creative projects. For more information, visit jonathannesmith.com.

Susan Holloway is also the co-creator of Up to Now. Susan graduated the School of Creative Arts, Film and Media of Portsmouth University in England. She is a multimedia artist with extensive experience in many fields, including stop-motion animation, video editing, 3D sculpture, short animated films, and conceptual art. To see more samples of her projects, see susanholloway.net.

Anne Hromadka was the curator and brains behind Exodus”, the first among the various Exodus Project exhibitions, displayed in the spring of 2015 at Shulamit Gallery (now Shulamit Nazarian Gallery) in Venice, California, as well as the co-curator for the Jerusalem Bienniale. As an independent curator and arts management consultant, she’s also been the director for various art galleries while independently launching exciting new projects for Los Angeles based artists. For more, see AMH Art Advisory.

Hannah Phillips is Ayin’s partner of nearly 25 years. She has been assisting behind the scenes in nearly all their endeavors. Her support has been invaluable, from her hands-on service of building, lifting, lugging, prepping, framing, and driving to listening, planning, consoling, and being a reliable strategist. Hannah is also an artist and a writer and Ayin’s main inspiration in life. See hannah.is for more information on Hannah’s life.

Georgia Freedman-Harvey was the co-curator for the Jerusalem Bienniale. She has worked in the museum and art community for over 30 years and has served as an adviser to private art collectors, foundations and executors on the organization. She has curated numerous exhibitions in California and abroad and is currently the curator of the Platt/Borstein Galleries of the American Jewish University. She was a 2012 Picerne Foundation Artist Outreach Grant recipient and is currently active in the Jewish Artists Initiative, ArtTable and the Surface Art Association.