What’s been said about the Exodus Project?

Es has channeled what remains of her fury at the world into a furious workmanship, her energy now directed towards imagination and fabrication—and toward sharing her incredible lightness of being with her audience…

…the high point of “Exodus” was the animated narrative by which Es, matter-of-factly and a bit self-mockingly, recounts her transformative experience. The 6-minute video, a lesson in overcoming obstacles by not taking yourself too seriously, should be played to college art classes all over the world.

– Peter Frank, Los Angeles art critic.

Exploring her evolving relationship to her Jewish heritage in terms of identity and art history, the resulting work is a colorful, exuberant, and deeply personal epic visual poem that touches on the dynamic of the individual within the community, and perfectly encapsulates [an] interfaith cultural dialog…

– Shana Nys Dambrot, Los Angeles art critic and writer.

…Es’ oeuvre, bathed in color, is surprisingly positive and playful, revealing her sense of humor and inventiveness. Perhaps it’s true what Freud once said about artists being able to heal themselves, for one gets the impression that Es has found the light at the end of the tunnel instead of being stranded in it.

– Simone Kussatz, art critic and contributor to Art, LTD Magazine.