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Just been working in the studio on and off. Thought I’d say hello to my blog.


It took me some time to make the five journal sketches for the aleph painting. Seems pretty silly to spend the time when I’m going to be covering them up with paint! But I’ll admit, I did sorta keep that in mind while I was doing them. It was in the back of my head anyway.



I think they still turned out looking the same as always, but at first it was a little bit hard to get back into the swing of things. They always say…or someone said, inspiration will come to you, but it has to find you working. Or something like that. And so it did. After the second or third piece, it was like I was doing journal drawings everyday again, and it made me want to start that practice up again too.

A couple of the drawings have to do with the project and a few of them don’t. One of them is about snakes and Sleestacks for some reason. Don’t ask. I have no idea where this stuff comes from, but I’d like to do more, more, more.

Oh, if only more time existed on the Earth.

So, I stuck those drawings onto my canvas. This is a 34 x 34 inch canvas and I used a clear, matte acrylic polymer made by Nova Color when sticking these things on – I use it when sticking anything on to my canvases. It’s pretty thick and pasty stuff, sorta like cake frosting. It goes on white and dries clear, as you can see. That manila paper I’m using is #125, so I do need strong stuff that’s going to brush on evenly to prevent air bubbles and such. This polymer stuff is great for collage.  You should look into it if you do collage.


I have to say, when I shot this picture wider, all it did was distract me. I mean, once I downloaded it into Photoshop. All the little things in the background started to freak me out – the little things that needed to be done. I started to obsess on them.


A. Like this box of photos. They don’t belong in the studio. They are supposed to be put into albums. I meant to do that in memory of my aunt, but I just don’t have the time for “extra curricular” activities these days.

B. That’s a box filled with Ethereal Research Laboratories Etherecals, Bacterribles, and Imaginodds that still need to be shoved into Erlenmeyer flasks.

C. A Blick return I need to pack up and bring to UPS.

D. An older work that needs special packing because of the pins sticking out of it. It needs to be packed up and put away before it starts to get dusty.

E. Those are two small white panels I’m supposed to do pin drawings on. They are pending commissions!

F. I need the top to that. I just need to fish it out and stick it back on there. I’m pretty sure I know where it is.

G. OMG! How long has THIS been like this?! This painting has the weight of a few of the same size paintings leaning up against it. Did I explain that correctly? It is facing the wrong way. The canvas side should be facing away from the table so that the weight distributes evenly. Now I have to move it all and it’s a bigger pain than it might seem.

Here’s the thing with this space. Pretty much everything needs to be put away in its place in order for me to have the space to work. I’ve found that I can’t really work on more than one painting at a time unless I want to be up to my knees in clutter – which I’ve done before when I’m really into things. I suppose I can let it ride. But I like to start with a clean slate.

H . That painting is white (obviously), and needs to be wrapped up and put away. (I had it out for a studio visit.)

Well, that’s what happened when I downloaded this picture from my camera. It sucks to be me.

Anyway, I put the first very light layer of white over the drawings, but you can hardly tell.


Later today I’ll probably do a really light beige in some areas and see what happens there.

I should do it before the day ends because tomorrow I’ll be receiving the Dan prints and will most likely be working on painting those new À la Dan Kabbalah and Special 16 Dans.


  1. i’m just doing this to… sorta test this out (meaning the REPLY feature – which … i’m assuming tht you, Carol will be able to see All of it cuz it’s Yr Blog (or one of them anyway) & at the top of may 27 it says 2 comments, so 1 is mine & 1 is yrs – instead of… at the top of the both of the comments there’s another button that says Reply — which is what i did to get here, altho’ already i’ve forgotten that i actually did that.

    Now, i have no idea if you get any kind of notifications, but tomorrow i will respond to yr email and hopefully i will remember about this (sadly my memory – which was once a steel trap – is no longer that …. um steely or maybe trappy, I’m not sure. And no idea if that is the post-menopausal thing or the age thing or the overwhelmingness of the 21st c. — or just too much drink or perhaps herbal relaxation.

    This time I am going to check the box “notify me of f-u comments”

  2. Hi Elin!

    I am looking at my list right here and it says that you get a Special 16 Dans Print AND the sketch I made you in the desert. I was going to send them to you at the same time with the stickers and the bracelets, and a couple other things.

    The thing is, I JUST got the Dan prints on the 28th. I painted them yesterday and inked and packed half of them today, so yours will be packed tomorrow and will go out on Monday — since you have the #11 print. (There were 10 backers in this category).

    I am SO sorry! I feel shitty to have anyone think I am a flake since I try so hard to be “on it.” I have not forgotten you, in fact, I am in love with your websites!

    Anyone reading this should check out so they can feel better about themselves!

    I’ve been meaning to write you a personal email because, well, because it’s personal!

    Anyway, look out next week for your package, coming Priority Mail. Also, for anyone else reading this, if you didn’t get my Kickstarter Update, I am one month behind on my rewards. Don’t know if ya’ll got the memo. So please forgive! 😉

  3. ahhh, i was starting to wonder about the 16 Special Dans.

    March 7th blog I read: ETA: Soon!

    And wondered when Soon is.

    And then I thot: ha ha ha, she was over-ambitious about Everything. I would know Nothing about that.

    Then I remembered “the small, original sketch, ripped out of my smallest sketchbook (5″ x 7″) while I am in the desert.”

    and of course I am reading the blogs looking for mention of these particular sketches. How could you POSSIBLY write everything when you can’t Do Everything — cuz you were Wildly Ambitious. I get that Wildly Ambitious — and then i get so tired just from my ideas that I have to take a nap.

    I haven’t even been able to keep up with your blog of the 10 days ONLY 10 DAYS in the desert, becuz i have a job. One i hate – but which sometimes affords me the free time to read yr blog — and the $$ to be a backer. That’s a good thing right?

    Of course I expect to get Dans & Sketch eventually – but am wondering if it will have been Ripped Out while In the Desert. I just particularly like that idea. Even tho, it probably doesn’t matter. All that mattered was having an original sketch from you.

    I can wait. Anticipation is kind of a wonderful thing actually. One of these days an exciting prize is going to arrive. And it will be My Own Personal Dan. I have tears in my eyes thinking about him already. I kid you not.

    And My Own Personal Sketch. No tears becuz i have no idea what that will be — but it will be EXCITING.

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