Spark Edition 2017

While everyone is out and about at all the New Years Eve parties tonight, I’ve been home playing fiddle sticks! To translate that, it just means I’ve been relaxing at home – stress free, mind you – watching movies and working on the layout for my new artist’s book edition: the Spark. 

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Whaaa? Could this really be? A blog post here after nearly 20 months? Where on Earth could this even be coming from?

And what about these new digs? Not too shabby, eh? I rebuilt this whole site in WordPress and it wasn’t so hard really. So here it is. The new Exodus Project Site.  Continue reading →

Auld Lang Syne


Whelp, Exodus is now officially over and the gallery is closed this week. However, if you have missed it and you still would like to see it, you can maybe arrange an appointment with either Renée Fox or Sarah Flora to see it before Friday, as I am not breaking it all down until Friday at noon.

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New Review and Catalog Too!


Great news! My Exodus exhibition at Shulamit Gallery got a fantastical review in Whitehot Magazine, written by Megan Ambrahams. I loved that she wrote that, “Above all, what Es has conveyed so dramatically in the paintings is the pure essence of the intense blue desert skies…” because that was exactly what I was trying to do! Not exactly an easy feat. I must have gone back to the art supply store 10 times buying different shades of blue paint before I got the right mixtures for all of the paintings.

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So Much to Tell!


Wow! It’s been a long time since I have posted. Do you know why? Yup. You guessed it. I’ve been incredibly busy. And now I am trying to write this thing before the sun goes down. It’s Friday after all, but I don’t think I’m going to make it. I will most likely post this tomorrow evening (Saturday).

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An Update for the Gods

I very recently posted on Carol’s Bloggie about how I set up most of my video installation in my backyard over Christmas. I forgot to X-post, so I’m just going to make a new post over here since it’s been a few days since that entry was posted. Then, I’ll probably link a new Kickstarter update to this entry – so don’t mind me. I might repeat myself.


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Behold, Some of the Props!

Lately, many parcels have been arriving at my house. I guess they are all sort of “props” for my art installation. I thought I should start taking photos of them for yucks, whether they make sense to you or not.

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