Sleepy Update

Well, it’s been about a week or so and I figured I should probably clue you all in on what’s been happening in the studio and all that. In my art life, as it were.  Give you an update as to how the project is going…

How about I do it in pictures? That’s always fun.

Here’s been the progress on this one, now titled Shekinah:




And here it is, almost finished, although the colors are not as accurate as they are in the top picture:


All I have to do now is stitch the “tet” pattern in the background. I have to wait for the oil paint to dry first though.

Then, remember these two compositional layouts?


doggie trail72

Well they are complete now and became paintings for a brand new series that I am calling my Masonry Collages. They are inspired by the houses that are near the West Entrance of the Joshua Tree National Park.

Guesthouse, 20 x 20 inches. Mixed Media on birch panel.


The House on Doggie Trail, 20 x 20 inches. Mixed Media on birch panel.


When I say “mixed media,” I mean I used that Zinsser Universal Sanding Sealer I spoke about on my other blog, and I fell in love with the stuff! I am never going back to shellac again. I have to thank the good people in the Acrylics Forum for helping me find this stuff. 

I wound up sealing 13 panels with it. (Why not? I had it all set up.)

Once I used the sealer, I was able to use my Nova Color clear acrylic polymer to stick the various pieces of paper and fabrics on here. I was not able to do that when I used the shellac, so I am one happy camper.

Then there’s the oil paint, of course, the colored pencil, and the bits and pieces that should accompany that thar stuff, but overall, it’s a mishmash of I don’t know what ya call it exactly, except for what have you.

So there you have it.

On the video front, I have been making some steps in the right direction there. I have nothing to show you, nor will I be showing any of that along the way (I don’t think. I kinda want it to be a surprise), but I was able to get my first rough storyboard together — kind of. 

Okay, wait. Put it this way…I was able to get the first few not-so-rough panels together of the first act. I suppose the story already has its “rough” completed. It just has never been written down in the physical universe.

To be continued. I’m so tired right now.


  1. Thank you Hosh! That means a lot. I need the compliments a-commin’ for these since I’m a little shaky on them: new territory and all.

    And please don’t worry about getting me your photos on time. I have my work cut out for me, so if you’re late and I can be late, then I will be a happy camper to have the extra time. 😉

  2. Looking great! Beautifully vibrant compositions and materials. You done good!

    And just so you know: I haven’t forgotten that I am supposed to send you photos to work from for the sketch…I’ve been unable to CHOSE the pics so far! But I will…promise!

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